Legislative Lobbying
It all begins with an established reputation for the highest integrity and relentlessly pursuing and achieving our clients’ goals. Capitol Consulting has built a solid network of legislative contacts on both sides of the political aisle. We have gained the respect of lawmakers with our strategic approach, our communication skills, our dedication to thoroughly research our clients’ issues, and accurately communicating our clients’ objectives.

The legislative process is complex with numerous opportunities for your priorities to get lost along the way. Capitol Consulting will proactively work with you to navigate the halls of the legislature. With over two decades of State Capitol lobbying experience for major corporations, statewide association and nonprofits Capitol Consulting stands ready to advocate for you interest.

Executive/Administrative Lobbying
Capitol Consulting has extensive experience in working with the executive branch of government. The state agency regulatory process can be long and complex; Capitol Consulting utilizes a proven network of contacts to map a path to a timely and successful conclusion to your regulatory issues. Negotiating with regulators and state agency officials requires a certain skill, which comes with extensive experience and expertise.

Coalition/Grassroots Development
Capitol Consulting works with clients to expand their numbers by developing broad coalitions of likeminded organizations to assist with your legislative initiatives. In addition, Capitol Consulting understands the importance of a strong grassroots campaign, which can assist in achieving success with your legislative goals. During the legislative session, we will work with you to mobilize at strategic points your organizations grassroots communications.

Strategic Communication
Capitol Consulting takes a great deal of pride in our proactive and strategic communication skills. We will provide you with regular communications on your priority issues. Most importantly, we understand your need to have the most recent information on the issues that impact you.

Together we will develop a strategy that will accomplish your legislative and regulatory objectives. Our approach will be unique to your specific issue and may include some or all of these elements designed to maximize support for your priorities: a strategy session, message development, identifying allies and opponents, development of position papers and testimony as well as public hearing and meeting preparation sessions.

Capitol Consulting has gained the respect of lawmakers and policymakers with a our proactive approach. We have a solid network of legislative and administrative contacts.

Capitol Consulting updates a state-of-the-art bill tracking system on a daily basis. Your individualized bill tracking report is password protected and available to you 24/7. It is our goal to ensure that you have access to the information whenever and wherever your business may take you.